Lebron’s Leap

from Bill Simmons’ Sports Guys Blog:
  Lebron 48 pt game

Let’s see where was I when LBJ made the leap?

I was awake 30 hours straight fighting sleep watching the game in a turo-turo near the multi vector review center that had the game on through Basketball TV. I remember the distinct dread i had when I was half expecting the owners to change the channel for Wowoweee (they actually did but at least I left a few minutes before the end of regulation, I hated not seeing the 29-30 end of game performance but history can wait I have class Fudge!!!!)

I am finally getting excited for the NBA Finals! Cant stop picturing lebron’s dunk over Timmy! But now I think it becomes a direct challenge to Timmy’s team (rhyme intended).

The Finals will be a battle of UberStar or what SG calls SuperDuperStars!

Two similarly dominant stars, but calling antithesis isn’t much of a logical leap!

Timmy the team player with very good teammates, whilst the King by force of will alone manages to single handedly bring his team to the Finals!

Chuckie pointed out to me the other day how people always say that Lebron was always being excused as too young but contrast that to magic’s 1980 Finals performance at age 20 and you realize that LBJ’s(age 23) only advantage is, nobody has LBJ’s back from the coach to his teammates to the fans.

Now for the future I think Lebron needs to win one now to pressure Carmelo to take the Leap! Sign Out—



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